Life as I know it, My UPSC Journey

My UPSC Journey: A Photo Essay

Hello readers. The UPSC journey is arduous. It requires long hours of sheer commitment and dedication. To make the journey easier, I used to surround myself with motivational thoughts. I’m sharing photos clicked during various stages of my prep with you. I really hope you all are motivated by seeing these pictures:


  1. This was something I wrote on my whiteboard in my hostel room in February 2017, right after deciding I will be appearing for prelims in June 2017 🙂


2. Something I wrote on my hostel cupboard. This used to face my bed, and was the first thing I would see in the morning after waking up.


3.I wrote all this because it was my final semester in college. My batchmates were partying and chilling, and in that atmosphere getting myself to stay honest with my goal was difficult at times. So I got into extra-motivational mode and wrote this in front of my study table.

4. My hostel room! I shared it with my best friend who is now working in London. The Eat Sleep Conquer Repeat poster was gifted to me by a dear friend 🙂


5. My favourite-est quote. I loved reading this every time I would feel low.


6. The countdown is me counting down the days left in college. My final exam was on 2 June, and the prelims exam was on 18 June. I was itching to go home and set up my study table there.

The “hundred is not a number series” quote was written to motivate myself to score a rank below 100. I had ingrained it in my mind that I will clear this exam only if I set lofty targets for myself, such as securing a rank below 100. Looking back, it feels ridiculous. But as they say, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”


7. Everytime I used to feel that I have very little time on my hands, this would come to rescue.


8. The wall facing my study table at home 🙂 

9. I will always be a nimbu pani lover for life.


10. This often used to leave me moist eyed. Especially when I fell sick during mains (read more here) , I made this as the wallpaper of the phone. This kept me going.

I hope you enjoyed this photo essay. I would consider myself lucky if I am able to motivate even a single one of you as I was motivated by previous years’ toppers.



32 thoughts on “My UPSC Journey: A Photo Essay”

  1. That’s really great. Highly motivating…
    Each and every thought u have written magnifies the goal much better every time holding us accountable.
    Especially, don’t stop until u get there, burning desire, count down, every second count’s, don’t miss the train- 2017 -IAS, Dream it, wish it, do it…. Each and every one is really outstanding. That’s really great. U have a cute room filled with great aspirations and finally bursting out dreams come true to create a milestone in the history. Great Post.. ☺
    Keep posting such motivating post it helps. Thank you.

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      1. Madam truely speaking…..i have never see this kind of dedication or what so ever in any one even in the 1st ranker in 1st attempt mam…truely mam…..sooo much inspired ..i like the way you have planned to read…..even from the pen the used to the room you were in…GREAT MAM…SALUTE….VERY INSPIRATIONAL

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  2. We only see the external beauty or achievements after the final result and want to become similar person like you and this is very common among aspirants like me. But to understand the real secrifice, self-motivation, committment and other adjectives that can define your journey, one have to look at your post. I am thankful to you that you have summarised everything under 250 words just like UPSC ask. Thanku soo mmuch..!!

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      1. Hello.
        Sorry, Found no other place to ask you this question.
        Mam, your GS scores are quite impressive.Did you make your own notes on a4 sheet paper just like you did for ethics.
        How didu you go for Genereal Studies.

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  3. This essay is totally filled with great motivations….
    This makes the students to do something best in her life….
    It is true MA’AM ,that our surrounding plays a great roll in life to achieve success….
    And also , this pic essay has great impact on me….

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  4. Saumya g first of all the congratulations I am very Inspired ur story u have been achieved a golden success in ur life u r start a new chepter of life Best of luck


  5. Hello mam, really inspiring. Could u pls tel me how to prepare for geography for gs1 mains. As I am preparing for 2019


  6. Hello Saumya, incredible achievement to do this alongsidebthe distractions of final year. Reading this make me wish I had not partied my years in the end days of college…But what’s done is done.

    Would it be possible for you to upload your checked answer sheets on Essay and Ethics from various Test Series? It would help me understand your learning process which would be very valuable.

    Thanks a lot and best of luck for officer life.

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  7. Thanks a lot for sharing this unique photo journey. Its really inspiring. PEOPLE ARE REWARDED IN PUBLIC WHAT THEY DO IN PRIVATE. GOD BLESS YOU. you definitely will do well in your future endeavors. congrats once again. mental strength is what i can take from you.

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  8. It shows your persistance and dedication MAM. Truly inspirational and I hope I’ll write one like this by 2020.


  9. it filled me with lot of positivity thanks saumya..
    wish you all the very best for foundation course at LBSNAA and future endeavour


  10. This is really really amazing . I seriously feel we Indian students are full of desire and hope as well as courage and emotions .
    What an emotional journey . I can feel seriosuly feel every moment you have been through.
    And ofcourse great writing skills😊😊


  11. Hello Mam, my question might sound stupid to u but i really need your advice in this. Mam i want to ask you that is it fine to use PILOT pen for mains answer writing (pilot pen is not waterproof) ??? Or should i go with ball pen ( m not very comfortable writing with ball pen)?? Since i saw Pilot pens in one of your images so thought u will be the most appropriate person to answer this.


  12. Though i have never met you. But u have inspired many. Ur beautiful and intelligent.
    And yes i absolutely ADMIRE ur struggle. Gosh 16 hours of study.
    Seriously An IRON lady with a cute face. 😁


  13. good evening mam…wonderful blog….really very inspirational…….
    the quote written on ur cupboard is the best ..
    thanku so much for sharing this with us…


  14. Ma’am ,Thank you so much for your lovely post .This post symbolizes the fighter in you which in fact all of us need to excel.I am glad to have found it while surfing your blog and have read it. This inspired me sooo much .The way you have written how you have evaded distractions is truly instrumental in motivating CSE aspirants like us to stay focussed no matter how many obstacles you come across and giving up is just not ab option.


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