My UPSC Journey

Answer Copies

Sharing some of  my answer copies here:

Essay: EssayEssay2

General Studies 1: GS1GS1t

General Studies 2: GS2GS2t

General Studies 3: GS3GS3t

Ethics: Ethics, Ethics 130 MarksEthics 131 marks


11 thoughts on “Answer Copies”

  1. Hi Saumya! I have seen your essay in which you wrote a small story of kartar singh taking cancer train next day to bikaner. it was totally astonished by reading it. how could you write such good essays.


    1. Thanks! although, later on I felt that the small story was actually a little lengthy. If you are writing a story like that in the introduction, try keeping it very concise.

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  2. Structuring of your anwsers are highly useful as reference. Highly obliged mam. Would be greaful if you could plz post your
    Law answer booklet mam


  3. Dear Ma’am,

    Can you please share the Vision IAS PDF that you used for topics like World History, Representation of People’s Act etc. as I am not able to find them online! I shall be highly indebted for the same.


  4. Hi Saumya,
    Hearty congratulations on your achievement.
    Your answers are of profound content covering various aspects. They are unconventional in a way possessing not just book knowledge but wider perspective. Please share the sources that you have used to collect such incredible data.It would be much helpful if you could publish a blog on answer writing strategy(Remembering and recollecting) Thanks!


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